Advanced Image Processing

Mobile scanning is only the beginning!

Drive Axle's advanced image processing can be applied to documents from ANY source, including other mobile apps, in-cab scanners, truckstop scanners, fax machines, and more.

Image Enhancement

Drive Axle's proprietary image enhancement engine can be used to improve the quality of images received from any source - Qualcomm in-cab scanners, other mobile apps, fax machines, and more.

Automatic Document Classification ("Doc Typing")

The document type is automatically identified before transmission. Enables auto-billing, internal document routing, and more.

Barcode Detection and Decoding

Barcodes are automatically detected and decoded. Works with barcodes in multiple orientations.

Image Rotation

Images are automatically rotated into an upright position. Saves time for back-office personnel when they don't have to rotate the image to read it.

Automatic Indexing

Images are indexed with perfect accuracy before they are transmitted. Eliminates the need for manual indexing.

Automatic Data Extraction

Data is recognized and automatically extracted from the images. Extract monetary values, vendor name, shipper/consignee information, and more.

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