Frequently Asked Questions

(with answers!)

Sending Documents

How much will I pay to send documents using Drive Axle?

There is no charge for drivers to scan and send documents using Drive Axle

Will Drive Axle work on my smartphone?

Drive Axle will work on any iPhone, iPad, Android phone, and Android tablet, as long as the device has a working camera.

Will Drive Axle work on my Blackberry?

No. Sorry!

How does the app work?

Here's a video that demonstrates how to scan and send documents with Drive Axle. Click here to watch video.

Help! I forgot my password!

No worries. Just click the "Forgot Password" link on the login panel and follow the instructions to reset your password.

Receiving Documents

How do I get started with the Free plan?

Piece of cake. Just have your drivers download the free app and start sending brilliant document images to the email of your choice.

How much does it cost to receive documents from users of the Drive Axle app?

It depends on your company's needs.

  • The free plan enables receipt of documents via email with low-priority delivery, document cover sheets, and advertisements.
  • For smaller companies, the hub plans offer low-cost options for receipt of documents via email with high-priority delivery and free of cover sheets and ads.
  • For larger clients we develop tailored solutions by combining flexibile integration options with powerful image processing and online storage alternatives. Learn More

How does the Hub web portal work?

The Drive Axle Hub provides a secure, searchable, web-based repository for your images. Features include multiple shared inboxes, one-click forwarding, workflow support, searching of document contents, and more. Some of our clients want to access images via the Hub for a year or more, while others only need access long enough to ensure that the images have been correctly processed in their own systems - usually 7-21 days.


Will Drive Axle integrate with our existing systems?

Yes! Drive Axle can be easily integrated with dispatch, TMS, billing, and document management systems.

Image Processing

Your image quality is fantastic! Can you also enhance the poor quality images received from our in-cab scanners?

(Thanks for the compliment!) Yes, we can dramatically improve the quality of images received from in-cab scanners. Our clients say our image enhancement makes their customers happier and decreases rejection of freight invoices.

Contact Us/Become a Client

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