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Get brilliant freight documents fast via email.

Now you can collect high-quality freight document images from drivers and receive them via email within minutes of load delivery.

As low as $19/mo. Free to try.

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How it Works

The Drive Axle Hub plans allow you to receive high-quality images via email from drivers who use the Drive Axle mobile app. Drivers simply download the app, then scan and send documents to the email address registered with your Drive Axle Hub account. These images will be delivered directly to your Drive Axle Hub Inbox, where you can download, forward or archive them for retrieval later. You'll also have access to all of your older documents, and they'll be easy to find thanks to our industry-leading full-text search.

Free To Try

Our Free Plan allows you to try Drive Axle free of charge.

Free documents have a cover sheet with ads and are given lower priority for processing and delivery. The free plan is a great way to experience Drive Axle before you decide to invest in one of our affordable Drive Axle Hub Plans.

Same-Day Billing is Now Possible

Imagine being able to receive crisp, clear images of POD's and BOL's just minutes after your drivers make their deliveries. Such fast document capture allows you to bill your customer and get paid faster. All of this means you have a shorter receivables cycle and more money on the bank!

Look Professional

Sure, you can take a picture of a document with a smartphone camera, but the result is usually grey and looks dingy. With Drive Axle, when your drivers scan and transmit an image from their phones, the document is immediately enhanced so that you receive a bright, white version of the document that has been enhanced for readability. You'll feel good about sending these bill-quality images to your customers.

Save Money

It's no longer necessary to spend big bucks on expensive, inconvenient truckstop solutions. For a low monthly fee, you can afford to have your drivers send you not only POD's and BOL's, but fuel receipts, VIR's, logs, and more. See Pricing

Make Your Drivers Happy

Everyone knows finding drivers is a challenge. Fleets who use Drive Axle have a recruiting advantage because drivers love how Drive Axle frees them from the inconvenience of overnight envelopes, truckstop scanners, and faxes.

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