What our users say about Drive Axle mobile document scanning.

"This is the greatest thing since the fax machine. Thanks guys! I love it. Saves a world of problems." Driver

"Sent 25 pages - all delivered - resolution excellent and readable. Does what it is supposed to do. I can't believe it's free."Driver

"Drive Axle works great. Nice not having to pay for faxes or turn on my in-cab scanner! Just need to have good lighting and a steady hand."Owner

"This is such a sweet tool. I don't have to turn it on, connect, or plug in anything. My driver can send BOL's before he ever leaves the receiver. Thanks for creating this tool... We love it."Owner Operator

"I have tried several scanning apps for our fleet and without a doubt Drive Axle is unbelievably fantastic. The resolution and quality far exceeds a fax machine and the drivers are jumping up and down with excitement because they can now avoid costly truck stop faxing which is a big annoyance and waste of time."Fleet Controller

"This is a fantastic, easy to use, easy to understand and navigate thru app. I used to have to turn on the laptop, plug in the scanner. Now it's as easy as taking a few pictures and basically attaching an email address then hitting send!!!"Owner Operator

"This is the greatest thing since the fax machine"Driver

"Love drive axle. $ave$ lot$ and lot$ of money and time. No longer need to $pend $2.00 a page faxing and waiting in line and hoping the fax machine work$. Thank$ drive axle and al$o their customer $ervice I$ great."Driver

"Can deliver POD to company instantly, and never have to look for truck stop scanning kiosk (if it's working) again."Driver

"I have tried the others and this is without question the easiest and quickest. Clarity is exceptional. Great customer support."Driver

"I started using Drive Axle after the office lost a $2,000 POD. Also, many of my tax receipts faded, so now I use Drive Axle to scan and send them to myself for next year's tax return.'Owner Operator

"This is the best app. Ever ! No more stopping at truck stops paying high fax prices. Also no expensive gadgets. I'm very happy with the money being saved. Thank you so much Drive Axle!!!"Driver

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